Investing In Our Future & Responsibly Reducing The Deficit In A Balanced Way

Economists from across the political spectrum agree that the reckless 16-day government shutdown and threat of catastrophic default took a real toll on our economy. In fact, it’s estimated that these manufactured crisis cost $24 billion in lost economic growth and 120,000 American private sector jobs. And this is on top of the economic damage already inflicted by the Republican manufactured budget crises and spending cuts.  After the damage done by the reckless and irresponsible Republican government shutdown, Americans cannot afford Republican budget policies that will put more of the burden on the middle class — all for the sake of protecting loopholes for the wealthy and special interests.

House Democrats remain committed to finding solutions to strengthen job creation and the economy while continuing to reduce the budget deficit in a balanced and responsible way.  After the damage done by the reckless Republican government shutdown, Americans cannot afford the reckless Republican budget that is nothing more than a recipe for recession, weakening our economy and costing us millions of jobs. The reckless Republican budget is an attack on women, seniors, students and American workers. Unconscionably, the reckless Republican budget would raise taxes on middle class families, even as it gives massive tax breaks to millionaires and protects tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas.

Budget Priorities For Our Economy & The Middle Class

House Democrats put forward a commonsense budget – a budget dedicated to the priorities of the American people: creating jobs, raising new ladders of opportunity, and building an economy that works for everyone. The Democratic proposal stands in stark contrast with the broken priorities of the Republican budget.

  • Republicans would slash essential job-creating investments; Democrats build for the future, renewing our commitment to our children’s education, life-saving research, and modern infrastructure.
  • Republicans raise taxes on the middle class and protect companies shipping jobs overseas; Democrats call for tax reform that strengthens American business and delivers tax fairness to all families.
  • Republicans would end the Medicare guarantee; Democrats keep trust with our seniors.

Democrats are strengthening the middle class, embracing the economic growth and deficit reduction of comprehensive immigration reform, investing in the future, and creating jobs.  Democrats have a different vision for America: a brighter future of shared prosperity achieved by strengthening the middle class, creating jobs, investing in our infrastructure and our children’s education, closing the opportunity gap, and responsibly reducing the deficit.  Together, we can build an economy that works for everyone.

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