Chairman Becerra Applauds President Obama’s Action Prohibiting Workplace Discrimination

July 21, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Congressman Xavier Becerra (CA-34), Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, released the following statement after President Barack Obama issued an executive order barring federal employers and contractors from discriminating against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers:

“This is the 21st century. It should go without saying: every American worker should be judged by his or her ability and be free from discrimination of any kind. I applaud President Obama for taking action to protect employees of the federal government and federal contractors against discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. More than 250 days have passed since the Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Yet, in the House of Representatives, shut-down, do-nothing politics prevails. Republicans refuse to permit a vote on this important civil rights issue.

“President Obama’s action today is a critical step forward in the fight against workplace discrimination. But it’s time for House Republicans to let us vote to ensure that every American worker receives equal protection under the law, regardless of who they love or how they identify.”