Chairman Xavier Becerra on House GOP’s 40th Vote to Repeal the Affordable Care Act & House Democrats’ August Agenda Focused on the Middle Class

August 2, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Xavier Becerra (CA-34), Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, released the following statement after the House of Representatives voted for the 40th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act to put insurance companies back in charge of Americans’ health care, and on House Democrats’ August agenda focused on America’s middle class:

“It’s no surprise that the 113th Congress has been labeled as the least productive Congress in history. After 212 days, this Republican-led Congress has yet to pass a jobs bill, vote on legislation to stop the devastating effects of the reckless budget sequestration cuts or even enact a reasonable budget. However, House Republicans found time to vote for the 40th time to upend essential patient protections, undermine the health and economic security of the middle class and put the insurance companies back in charge. The American people deserve better.

“During the August work period, Members of the House Democratic Caucus will remain focused on the priorities of the American people — to create jobs, grow the economy, rebuild the middle class and responsibly reduce the deficit. Throughout the country, House Democrats will promote our Make It In America agenda, our work to successfully implement the Affordable Care Act and the need to finally pass commonsense comprehensive immigration reform. And in September, when Members of Congress return to Washington, House Democrats will be ready to find solutions to keep moving our country forward.”