Chairman Xavier Becerra Remarks at Press Conference Marking One Year Anniversary of Bipartisan Passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the Senate

June 26, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Congressman Xavier Becerra (CA-34), Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, delivered the following remarks at a press conference marking the one year anniversary of the bipartisan passage of comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate:

“Let me join with my colleagues from the Senate, and all the members who have come up from the House to say again, congratulations to Senate Democrats and Republicans alike, who passed a bipartisan bill to fix our broken immigration system, a year ago.

“A year ago, that means 365 days. Every day, some 1,000 individuals are being separated from this country, from their families, from their loved ones. Every day Republicans in the House have refused to let us have a vote.

“We also see that today, Republicans who have been talking about giving us a chance to have a vote, soon, on immigration reform, are now talking just the opposite.  We now know that there’s a letter that’s going to the President, telling him he should eliminate the deferred action program for many of these immigrant young Americans who know no other place as home other than America, more than a half a million of these young people. Many of them at some of our best universities and colleges, some working, many of them already starting businesses, being told that they should be deported from this country. That’s where we are today.

“It seems like the Republicans in the House haven’t listened to their colleagues, Republican colleagues in the Senate, and it’s certainly clear that they’re not listening to the American people, Democrats and Republicans, because overwhelming numbers of Democrats and Republicans throughout this country want us to fix this broken immigration system.

“So, we’re left with one conclusion. House Republicans have a choice, they can do this the American way, passing a commonsense immigration reform, or, they can do it the Tea Party way. We hope our House Republicans, here, choose the American way to do business and fix our broken immigration system.

“I still have confidence that we can get this done, because everything proves that you can. Our Senate colleagues have shown that, the American public is behind it. Perhaps, what, the one place we have placed too much confidence and faith, is in the Republican leadership because after months of saying they were going to do something, after months of putting out principles, we’re beginning to see their true colors. So, let me finally conclude by saying something in Spanish.

“Yo sigo con la confianza que esto se puede cumplir. Yo tengo fe que este congreso va cumplir con reformar este sistema de inmigración que tenemos en este país. Lo creo porque lo veo. Tal vez lo que está sucediendo aqui es que hemos puesto mucha fe y confianza en los republicanos, el liderazgo republicano de la cámara baja, creyendo que cuando nos decían que querían cumplir, lo creían ellos. Y tal vez, poníamos mucha fe en esos republicanos que dicen que están en favor de una reforma, pero que hacen nada para cumplir. Es tiempo de cumplir, es tiempo de tener un voto.

“It’s time to vote. We deserve a vote. The American people deserve a vote and we can get this done if we just got a vote in the House Representatives.

“Mr. Speaker, it’s time to vote.”