Chairman Xavier Becerra Votes Against the House Republican Budget Plan

March 21, 2013

WASHINGTON – Today, after voting against the House Republican budget plan for the 2014 fiscal year, Congressman Xavier Becerra (CA-34), Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, issued the following statement:

“Here we go again. At a time when there’s no more painful deficit than the jobs deficit, the House Republican budget plan would eliminate 2 million American jobs next year alone. When we should be rebuilding the middle class, this proposal would cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and stick working families with the bill. And when we have promised our seniors a secure and healthy retirement, this plan would end the Medicare guarantee.

“House Democrats proposed an alternative plan that would create a million more jobs this year, make key investments to move our economy forward and protect the dignity and well-being of America’s seniors. It takes a balanced and fair approach to reducing the deficit without leaving any American behind.

“The American people are tired of listening to the same old broken record. Let’s change the tune and work together on realistic proposals that protect Medicare, create jobs, grow the economy, strengthen the middle class and responsibly reduce the deficit.”