Reigniting the American Dream.

Growing The Economy, Creating Jobs & Rebuilding The Middle Class

Promoting job creation and economic growth continues to be the top priority for the American people and members of the House Democratic Caucus.  House Democrats have worked to enact policies that will sustain long term economic growth, strengthen middle class families and small businesses, and prevent corporations from shipping American jobs overseas.   Democrats’ decisive action […]

Investing In Our Future & Responsibly Reducing The Deficit In A Balanced Way

Economists from across the political spectrum agree that the reckless 16-day government shutdown and threat of catastrophic default took a real toll on our economy. In fact, it’s estimated that these manufactured crisis cost $24 billion in lost economic growth and 120,000 American private sector jobs. And this is on top of the economic damage already inflicted by […]

Implementing The Affordable Care Act & Strengthening Medicare

Members of the House Democratic Caucus believe that all Americans should have access to quality, affordable health insurance. Our actions have shown our commitment.  Recently, the Affordable Care Act has given the 46 million uninsured Americans the opportunity to access affordable, quality health insurance and strengthened Medicare by providing free preventive benefits and lowering drug […]