When more products are made in America, there will be greater opportunity for our people to Make It In America. House Democrats’ plan to Make It In America focuses on creating the best conditions for American businesses to manufacture their products, innovate, and create jobs right here in the U.S. President Obama has already signed ten Make It In America bills into law, many of which passed Congress with bipartisan support. Leaders in business and labor alike support the Make It In America plan because it will set us on a solid path forward to a future of greater competitiveness, more jobs, and long-term economic success. House Democrats’ plan to Make It In America includes:

  • Adopting & pursuing a national manufacturing strategy: Right now, American manufacturers are facing international competitors that benefit from other nations’ carefully crafted manufacturing strategies. Such comprehensive strategies include tax incentives, investments in research, skills development initiatives, and support for infrastructure projects in order to help their manufacturers get ahead.
  • Promoting the export of U.S. goods: Manufacturers need access to markets, both domestic and international, in order to sell their products. That requires reliable physical and telecommunications infrastructure, enforcement of fair trading rules, and targeted assistance to compete successfully in global markets.
  • Encouraging businesses to bring American jobs and innovation back to the United States: In order to maintain a strong economy and remain the world’s leader in innovation, we must encourage businesses to move jobs and innovation back to the U.S. where possible, and keep them here. When manufacturing moves overseas, innovation follows.
  • Training & securing a twenty-first century workforce: American businesses can only remain competitive when they have the trained and educated workers they need. We must strengthen our education and skills-training programs to make sure our workers are getting the preparation and certifications they need, and we ought to ensure that all those we train in high-demand skills have an opportunity to find work and contribute to our economy.