January 30, 2024

Chairman Aguilar: MAGA Republicans are walking away from a bipartisan border deal at Trump’s orders

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Democratic Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar and Vice Chair Ted Lieu held a press conference on House Republicans walking away from a bipartisan border agreement because it might help President Biden politically.

CHAIRMAN AGUILAR: Good morning. House Democrats have said from the very beginning of this Congress that we will always put People Over Politics. Our Caucus knows that there are challenges at the southern border and we're willing to address them in a bipartisan way with additional resources, technology and manpower. We also know that we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform. 

I joked last time at this podium that the House and Senate Republicans need to get on the same page, when one chamber is negotiating with Secretary Mayorkas, while the other chamber is leading his impeachment inquiries. Well, they got their marching orders. MAGA Republicans in the House and Senate are walking away from a bipartisan deal that would strengthen border security, support Israel and help Ukraine stop Putin's march through Europe—because Donald Trump ordered them to do so. 

In the shameful display of partisanship, they are abdicating their responsibility to solve problems on behalf of the American people. Even Mitch McConnell has surrendered to Vladimir Putin, and he surrendered to Donald Trump. The floor speeches, the photo ops and the constant attacks from Republicans were always done in bad faith. And now everyone can see that this was never about securing the border, this was never about migrants and this was never about protecting our country. Just like the baseless impeachments and everything else the MAGA Republicans have pretended to care about: it has always been about helping Donald Trump become president again. 

I want to be very clear: House Democrats will fight with everything we have to make sure that that doesn't happen.

Now, Vice Chair Ted Lieu.

VICE CHAIR LIEU: Thank you, Chairman Aguilar. At the Caucus meeting that we just had, Chairman Aguilar recognized the three U.S. service members who were killed, and many who were wounded. So, our entire Caucus stands in support of our amazing military and families that were affected by this unjustified strike by Iranian-backed militants. 

Now, in terms of the economy, we had some amazing news this month. Earlier this month, the S&P 500 hit a record high. Last week, the Dow Jones exceeded 38,000 for the first time in U.S. history. Just yesterday, the Dow Jones set another record high closing at 38,333. 

And guess who took note of that? Donald Trump. Donald Trump is claiming credit for the increases in the stock market. And why is he doing that? He's doing that because he realizes the economy is improving, that Bidenomics is working, and he can't do anything about it. So, he's trying to take credit for this growing economy. 

And if you look at the numbers, the economy is doing pretty well. We have GDP growth beyond expectations. We have a two-year unemployment rate that is basically the best in over half a century. We have wages that are rising, and if we continue to do what Democrats are doing, which is focus on putting People Over Politics and lowering costs, creating jobs and growing the middle class, then our best days are still yet to come. 

What are Republicans doing? They are trying to ban abortions and they're focused on stupid stuff, like impeaching a cabinet member. It is so ridiculous that even the witness that they routinely call, Jonathan Turley, that is a Republican witness that they call at all of these different hearings, himself said there is no “cognizable basis” for this impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas. So, the Republicans are focused on issues that no one in America really cares about, and I hope the American public tells them, stop this sham impeachment and let's work together on trying to make our economy even better.

Video of the full press conference and Q&A can be viewed here.