June 19, 2018

Chairman Crowley Statement on House Republican Budget

(Washington, D.C.) – House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx) released the following statement on the release of the House Republican budget:

“Six months after President Trump and Republicans gave lavish tax breaks to special interests and the wealthiest one percent, House Republicans have now released a budget that will inflict even more damage on middle-class families. From gutting Medicaid and Medicare and repealing the Affordable Care Act to eliminating protections for those with pre-existing health conditions and slashing anti-poverty programs, retirement security, and education, Republicans are once again making American families pay the price.

“We need a budget that invests in America and the American people. A budget that rebuilds our crumbling infrastructure, makes college more affordable, ensures seniors have reliable health care and retirement security, and gives working families a real shot. This is the kind of budget Americans deserve and this is the kind of budget Democrats will fight for.”