June 20, 2018

Chairman Crowley Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order that Continues the Detainment of Families

(Washington, D.C.) – House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx) released the following statement on President’s Trump executive order that continues the detainment of families:

“Our country has always been a beacon of light for those seeking safety and refuge. Instead of upholding these American values, President Trump has caged innocent babies and children. Tearing children out of the hands of their parents is immoral and inhumane, and should never have happened, let alone been an official policy of the United States.

“While this order stops the separation of children from their parents, it does not end the administration’s despicable policy of unreasonably detaining asylum seekers and families fleeing violence. And the legislation put forward by House Republicans this week doubles down on this policy not only by allowing indefinite detention, but also by removing court-ordered protections that ensure safe conditions for detained children. President Trump and Republicans are manipulating the law and claiming a false choice to justify their anti-immigrant ideology. It is utterly shameful.

“Instead of pushing legislation that endorses the Trump administration’s policy of detaining families, House Republicans should join Democrats in calling for an end to the policy and in making sure we reunite the families that have been ripped apart. The thousands of children who have spent days, weeks, and months without the love and support of their parents deserve nothing less.”