August 03, 2021


NEW YORK  Following President Biden’s announcement of a new CDC eviction moratorium, House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) released the following statement:

“President Joe Biden recognizes that we are in the midst of an extraordinary once-in-century pandemic, which has required once-in-a-century solutions. Through his partnership with the House Democratic Caucus, we have repeatedly delivered transformative assistance to tens of millions of American families to help make ends meet. Today’s announcement by the President is another example of Democrats’ continued leadership.

The House of Representatives is the branch of government designed to be closest to the people. House Democrats have witnessed first-hand millions of our constituents threatened with homelessness due to no fault of their own but the consequences of this pandemic. Today, President Biden heard what our Members have seen on the ground in these challenging times and listened to our calls to act with the fierce urgency of now.

In addition to this commendable step by the President, House Democrats continue to support the Biden Administration’s efforts to work with state and local governments and ensure the swift distribution of the $46.5 billion that Congress allocated for Emergency Rental Assistance because we must act decisively to confront this crisis.”