June 23, 2022


WASHINGTON  Today, the leadership of the House Democratic CaucusNational Security Task Force highlighted the passage of the FY23 National Defense Authorization Act through the House Armed Services Committee. The NDAA heads to the House floor with several provisions championed by National Security Task Force Co-Chairs Reps. Jason Crow (D-CO), Andy Kim (D-NJ) and Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ).
Key Provisions of the Bill as Passed Through Committee:
  • Supports a 4.6% pay raise for service members
  • Helps increase U.S. transparency over civilian harm as a result of overseas military operations
  • Urges the military to install microgrids on every installation by 2035
  • Increases access to contraceptives under TRICARE
  • Requires a report on a more transparent, fair and flexible way to calculate the basic allowance for housing
  • Ensures the centuries-long protections against the president being able to utilize the U.S. military as a personal police force 
  • Raises the minimum wage of federal contractors to $15 per hour
  • Ensures all National Guard and reservists have access to no-fee dental care like active-duty service members do, even when they are not on active status
  • Creates a central database aimed at keeping records for military partners abroad such as translators, which will help provide critical data when rapidly vetting for the Special Immigrant Visa program 
  • Requires prime contractors that receive DoD military construction contracts to publicly post their subcontracting opportunities so that more local and small businesses have a chance to compete
Statement from the National Security Task Force:
“From delivering the biggest pay raise to our service members since 2003 to equipping our military with the tools they need to remain the best in the world, this defense budget meets the moment with innovation and investments that will tackle emerging challenges at home and abroad. 
Protecting our nation from impending threats posed by our adversaries and combating global national security risks like climate change means we must invest in new strategies, resilient infrastructure, and cutting-edge technologies. In order to continue our strong support of our allies like Ukraine as they battle for their democracy, we must ensure we maintain the most capable military in the world and lead the way in innovation. To do that, we must ensure we pay our service members enough so we can continue to recruit the best and brightest.
The House Democratic Caucus National Security Task Force is proud to support a defense budget that achieves these ends. The American people deserve a government that puts national security, our troops and their families first and that is exactly what we have accomplished with this National Defense Authorization Act. We look forward to this legislation’s continued progress as it moves through the House and Senate, and will work to ensure that House Democrats’ priorities aimed at supporting our brave service members and preparing our nation for new threats are signed into law.”