Press Releases

April 2024
Chairman Aguilar: It's time for Speaker Johnson to do the right thing
Chairman Aguilar: House Democrats will never stop fighting to restore Reproductive Freedom
March 2024
Chairman Aguilar: More Latinos have health insurance than ever before because of the ACA
Chairman Aguilar: MAGA Extremism continues to permeate under this dome as a shutdown looms
Chairman Aguilar: Stand with us to ensure America remains a leader of the free world or stand with Vladimir Putin
Chairman Aguilar Statement on President Biden’s State of the Union Address
Chairman Aguilar: House Democrats will deliver the votes to prevent a government shutdown
February 2024
Chairman Aguilar: Extreme MAGA Republicans are preparing for a nationwide abortion ban
Chairman Aguilar: Extreme MAGA Republicans have one less vote
Chairman Aguilar: House Democrats are ready to Finish the Job
January 2024
Chairman Aguilar: MAGA Republicans are walking away from a bipartisan border deal at Trump’s orders
Chairman Aguilar: House Republicans are fundamentally incapable of governing
Chairman Aguilar: MAGA extremism is hurting our country
December 2023
Chairman Aguilar: Extreme MAGA Republicans are distracting from the fact they have accomplished nothing
Chairman Aguilar: Democracy and American leadership are on the line
November 2023
Chairman Aguilar: Welcome back to the least productive Congress in more than 90 years
Joint Leadership Statement On DNC Protest
Joint House Democratic Leadership Statement On The Continuing Resolution
Chairman Aguilar: It's going to take Democrats and Republicans to prevent a shutdown
Chairman Aguilar: The only way forward is for both parties to come together
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