October 03, 2023

Statement from Chairman Aguilar on the House Voting to Remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, House Democratic Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar released the following statement on the House of Representatives voting to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker:

“Today is a sad and solemn day for our nation and for the House of the Representatives. Our constituents did not send us to Washington to be distracted by the chaos and dysfunction on the other side of the aisle. 

“For over ten months, House Democrats have stood together in our work to put People Over Politics – to lower costs, create better paying jobs, build safer communities and defend our democracy. Instead of joining us, House Republicans have continuously bent their knees to the most extreme members of their party. 

“Our House Democratic Caucus is united and we’re ready to continue to deliver for working families in a bipartisan way. It’s time for reasonable Republicans to reject extremism and work with us to govern. We must elect Speaker Hakeem Jeffries."